Why I Switched Laundry Detergents

Oh, laundry. Such an exciting topic, right?! Stick with me, here!

Since earlier this year, it’s been my goal to start replacing unhealthy, toxic-filled products in our home with something better. We’ve changed shampoos, hand soaps, air fresheners, cleaners, and more. Somehow my laundry detergent never made it onto my list; who knows why!

Well, after I started looking into the quality of standard laundry soaps, I decided it was time for a change. These products often contain fragrance, ethylene oxide, quaternium-15, diethanolamine, nonlphenol ethoxylate or NPE, linear alkyl benzene sulfonates or LAS, petroleum distillates, naphthotriazolystilbenes (and a bunch of other nasty stuff that has been banned in other countries for years).

Why would I want this stuff on my skin literally all day – from the clothes I wear, towels that I use, and sheets that I sleep on? Nope! No more!

I decided to go ahead and switch to Young Living’s THIEVES LAUNDRY SOAP because I didn’t want to tackle trying to make my own, and I’d already heard lots of really really good things about it!

These are a few of the reasons I swapped over to this one:

  • plant based formula with NO toxins
  • 6X concentrated so the 32oz container will do 64 loads
  • works in ALL washing machines, including HE
  • gentle enough for handwash items
  • doubles as a stain treatment
  • gets out OLD, SET-IN stains
  • includes Thieves, Jade Lemon, and Bergamot essential oils
  • natural enzymes boost effectiveness

I have to confess, I didn’t actually have very high hopes for it, thinking that it wouldn’t be able to do as good of job as what I was used to. I was proven wrong! I LOVE this laundry soap. It works and smells better than anything I’ve used before, and it’s gotten horrible stains out of things!

Even though the soap does contain Thieves and other essential oils, I’ve never noticed a residual scent on our laundry, which is perfect because I don’t like scented detergents anyway! All of our laundry just comes out smelling super CLEAN!

But if you do want some scent, all you have to do is add some essential oils to wool dryer balls and pop them in with your laundry – a healthier alternative to dryer sheets!

Click to learn even more: ESSENTIAL OILS 101 or PREMIUM STARTER KIT

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