Trapper Meadow | Sisters, Oregon

Sisters, Oregon is my go-to for day trips any time of year. Snowy in the winter, warm in the summer, and gorgeous colors in the fall. It really can’t be beat!

On top of the awesome weather, the town is full of cute shops, fun restaurants, and lots of places for outdoor adventuring.

We FINALLY made it to Trapper Meadow this summer, which I’ve been wanting to do for years. It’s a BEAUTIFUL green meadow filled with all kinds of wildflowers! It’s relaxing to just wander around and explore. There’s even a small stream complete with fish!

Trapper Meadow is easily one of the prettiest places I’ve been. And it was so peaceful. Next time you’re in the Sisters area, definitely sneak up there!

And after you’re done, head to Sno Cap, because no trip to Sisters is complete without a milkshake to go! They make wonderful shakes!

Here are some photos, though they don’t even come close to the beauty you see in person! Directions to Trapper Meadow are at the end of this page.


Turn south on Elm Street in Sisters and head toward the mountains! Once you reach the gravel, continue driving for approximately 10 minutes. We drove a total of about 20 minutes from Sisters.

The meadow will appear on your right. You CAN’T miss it! There’s a little campground to the right where you can pull in and explore.

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