Easy Blackberry Muffins

One of my FAVORITE blogs is 100 Days of Real Food. It’s full of fantastic information on eating more healthfully (cutting out processed foods) and she has LOTS of yummy, practical recipes.

I certainly have room for improvement,  but I am trying to improve my eating habits by making more foods from scratch with quality ingredients and less junk!

Muffins seem like a good place to start, right? I love them, but never make them. Then I found this recipe on Lisa’s blog for a much healthier version and decided it was time to give them a try! These muffins are sweetened with fruit juice and honey! Yummmm!

I chose to use orange juice because I enjoy it more than apple juice. For the fruit, we used frozen blackberries that we’d picked this summer. You can’t beat Oregon blackberries! The muffins took maybe 10 minutes to mix up.

They turned out delicious! They have a soft, semi-dense texture, which my husband and I both prefer.

Initially, I wished they were a bit sweeter, but that’s just my sugar-addiction talking! The next day, after eating my second muffin, I was sold! The were plenty sweet and fruity!

I kept half of them out and froze the other half. These muffins are my new favorite snack when I get home from work!

click HERE for the full recipe

written by: Lauren


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