Our Kitchen Remodel: Flooring

I love the look of hardwood floors! They are unique, they warm up your home,  and are certainly timeless!

However, I had three major concerns about wood flooring. They can be quite costly, they do not tolerate water and steam, and they have to be maintained.

We quickly discovered that hardwood would be too expensive for us. With that in mind, we then considered engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is basically plywood with a layer of hardwood veneer on top of it. Though less expensive, I still had my other reservations regarding cleanability and overall maintenance.

In scouring all the flooring stores,  we came upon wood-look tile! What a great solution for us! It looks like wood yet is easy to clean and maintain. Thankfully, my husband is extremely handy and was able to lay all our tile. Since we were able to install ourselves, this made wood-look tile affordable and perfect for us.

Now for choosing the right color of floor! There were tons of choices! Though I really like dark floors, I opted for a medium shade in hopes that it would help minimize the dirt and pet hair. With three pets and three adults coming and going each day, our floors get pretty messy. This tile color does a great job of disguising dirt! We LOVE it!

I didn’t want contrasting grout lines, therefore we tried to closely match our grout color to the tile. I am very pleased with the combination we chose. The tile is called “MANGO” and the grout is called “barley” for those who are interested. Just click on the color name to head to the website!

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