Think Dirty to Think Clean

Do you know how many toxins, yucky chemicals, and artificial fragrances are in our beauty and personal care products? Items we use on a daily basis, from head to toe! What are they exactly? How are they harming us? What do they do to my body?

We were becoming so overwhelmed just trying to read labels as we had no idea what most ingredients were. Tocopherols? Eww…oh, wait, those are simply a family of vitamin E compounds. What about benzophenone? Ugh, it is toxic, linked to cancer, and can cause endocrine disruption, etc.!

Help!!!! Right? Well, here is the tool we have been using which has made this investigative process products so much easier!

The THINK DIRTY app. It “rates” products from a zero (the best) to a ten (you should probably get rid of it). Its focus is on products like shampoos, conditioners, makeup, nail polish, toothpaste, etc.

You simply type in the name of a product or scan the item’s barcode with your phone. Think Dirty then generates a great amount of helpful information. Not only is the ingredient list present, but usually there is an explanation on each individual ingredient and its level of harm to us.

Think Dirty continues to expand its database almost daily. The app also has  a place to submit products that they have not yet investigated. We have done this a couple of times and when they do “vet” that product, you get a notification on your phone. Pretty cool!

I (Lauren) first used the app by scanning my Head and Shoulders shampoo – which I’ve since gotten rid of – is rated “9.” It was very high on the “dirty meter” due to its ingredients linked to carcinogenicity, and developmental & reproductive toxicity.

I’ve since started using Acure Organics Repair Shampoo which has a rating of 0. Woo hoo! That makes me fee better! Though Acure’s shampoo has a far healthier “score,” the app still provides a detailed list ingredients, which I appreciate.

We certainly don’t think that Think Dirty is perfect or a tell-all, but we do find it to be a very helpful tool and guide as we continue to learn more about the products that we use!

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