Omiana Foundation Review

This is a review for OMIANA’S CREAMY MATTE INTENSE COVERAGE FOUNDATION! I explained my decision to switch makeup in our earlier post “What’s In Your Foudnation?”

I’ve intentionally waited a few weeks to post this review to ensure I had ample time to use and really experience the product. For me, foundations will initially work, but after some time goes by, I often have breakouts. I’m happy to say that has not been the case with this foundation!

I absolutely LOVE this foundation! The coverage is extremely good and its creamy consistency is not greasy. It is definitely one of the best-covering foundations I have used. My daughter tried it as well, and was EXTREMELY impressed by the coverage.

Not to sound cliche, but a small amount truly does go a long way. Creamy matte intense coverage foundation is the perfect name! This container is quite large and looks as though it will last for months and months.

Another perk is that Omiana makes color-matching a breeze. They make free exchanges and returns until you find your right shade. Their shipping is fairly quick as well, which is great!

For color reference, I have light/medium skin with very pink undertones. Previously I used bareminerals in fairly light. In Omiana’s foundation, I ordered lightly-ivory beige and it is a great match for me. It is a little on the lighter side, but will work well going into the winter months!

I also have their redness concealer cream and would recommend that as well! It does not contain titanium dioxide (see our “What’s in Your Foundation?” post), zinc dioxide, or mica. 

Use the promo code “DaintyDroppes” at checkout to save 10% on your OMIANA ORDERS!

Learn more about our thoughts on Omiana (plus more product reviews) by clicking HERE!

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