21 Day Fix Review

The past year has been one of many “little goals” with common one denominator: get healthy. A big component of being healthy? Exercising, getting into shape, and staying in shape.

I am NOT a gym person, and have always exercised either at home with videos or by doing something outdoors.

So I decided to try a new video series, 21 Day Fix, a few months ago. I chose this program because it included three key fitness elements: variety, weight training, and healthy eating!

We need variation in exercise because our bodies do adjust to repetitive movement. So, it is important that we change it up! Weight training is essential because muscle mass is what enables us to burn calories even while at rest.

For the exercise portion, you do a different 30-minute video each day – Total Body Cardio Fix, Lower Fix, Upper Fix, Pilates, Cardio Fix, Dirty 30, and Yoga Fix. Each one is a full body workout with a specific focus!

For eating, you get a certain number of each color-coded container per day depending on your weight, goals, etc. Pretty simple!


VARIETY OF EXERCISES: Like I mentioned above, it’s important to not be doing the same workout over and over again!

SIMPLICITY: All of the individual exercises are really easy to follow – no fancy footwork needed.

MODIFICATIONS: Each video includes someone who does modifications of all the exercises, making them doable for folks at all fitness levels.

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: You can make any of the exercises as easy or as hard as you want depending on what weights you use. I was slowly able to progress to using heavier ones!

TIME COMMITMENT: All of the videos are approximately 30 minutes. That’s so easy to incorporate into my day! And it’s 30 minutes of HARD work! You’re moving the whole time!

EATING RIGHT: The color-coded containers are a GREAT way to learn about healthy eating and portion sizes. The provided list of foods that you can eat simplifies things, too.


SCHEDULE: If you choose to follow the plan, you do a video every day. I did this for a while, but it was honestly a little much for me. One day I’m motivated and then not so much! hehe! I still use the videos constantly, but just make my own schedule.

QUANTITY OF FOOD: Using the program’s guide,  I calculated my daily food intake. I followed it for a while, but  I just didn’t feel like it was enough food, so I just ate a little more than recommended. Caloric needs/burn certainly vary from person to person.


Overall, I have been SO PLEASED with the results I’ve seen from this program – mainly through the exercise side of things! (I already eat fairly well) I’ve toned up, lost inches, and just feel better! But the best part? Feeling good about myself!

I feel like 21 Day Fix is a great place  to start for anyone! It’s something that you can incorporate into your schedule, which is a HUGE plus! All you need are some weights and you’re ready to go! I definitely give it two thumbs up if you’ve been thinking about giving it a try!

My awesome cousin Kristilynn set me up with this program! You can check out details on it HERE if you’d like.

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