When is the Best Time to Visit Disneyland?

Disneyland is my FAVORITE place EVER! There’s just something about it that makes me HAPPY!

I’ve visited several times over the years – during spring, summer, and winter. I still haven’t made it for the fall season, but I’ll get there one of these days!

When planning a trip to Disneyland, one of your biggest decisions is what time of year to go. Any time at Disneyland and California Adventure is going to be FUN, but there are variables to consider when you’re making your decision.

The Crowds

Most importantly, weekdays are going to be less busy than weekends! On our last trip, we made a mistake by being in the park on a Friday through a Monday. Oops! From now on we plan to visit during weekdays!

Disneyland is always busy, but some times are MUCH busier than others – think Fourth of July,  Christmas break, New Year’s, spring break, etc. Any time there is a holiday or school break, more people are likely to be at the parks! Any major events that may be happening at the convention center and Disneyland’s hosting of special events can affect crowds, so always check their calendars!

In general, January, February, May, late August, and early December (before Christmas break!)  typically have the smallest crowds. Just be sure to avoid any holidays that fall during those months.

The Weather

Overall, California has great weather, especially compared to what we have in Oregon. You’re far more likely to get a sunny, nice day in Disneyland than rain! The rainiest months are typically January through March.

Plan for summer visits to be warm, hot, or REALLY hot. We’ve gone in July three times, and twice it was just typical summer weather, but once it 105 degrees the whole time. And when we went in December last year, we had 80 degree weather the whole time, which was AMAZING! All this to say, the weather can vary!

Park Hours + Refurbishments

When park attendance is lower, park hours may also be shorter. Always check out the Disneyland calendar and schedule! It is your choice whether the number of people in the parks or the time that you spend in the park is your goal! Personally, I would rather deal with fewer people and have slightly shortened hours!

When the park is less busy, more rides are often closed for refurbishment. Just check Disneyland’s website for this information!


No matter when you choose to visit Disneyland and California Adventure, you will have a WONDERFUL time. When deciding when you’d like to visit, it is simply about what you envision your experience to be!

Would you like to ride Splash Mountain ten times in a row? Go in the summer! Perhaps seeing Disneyland embellished in beautiful Christmas decorations is for you! Head there in December! It’s all up to you!

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