A New Kind of Facial Routine

After taking inventory of my beauty products, I quickly realized how many unhealthy ingredients they contained. I was quite depressed. What would I replace them with? I have sensitive skin, can’t stand strong scents, and I’m “frugal.”

For years, I had used Pond’s cold cream to remove my eye makeup. I would slather it on, wear it for several minutes, allowing it to break down my mascara. After reading the ingredient deck, it was awful!

After many experiments, I found a terrific method for mascara removal. I take a cotton ball and just soak it with hot water. Hold it on one eye, then the other, and it is amazing how quickly this works. After this, I use just a little coconut oil, and voila! The fastest and most efficient mascara removal I’ve ever used! Though I have to admit, I am little depressed when I think about all the years I spent needlessly gooping up my eyes with chemicals. So grateful to have discovered this new trick!

I also use my organic coconut oil as an allover facial moisturizer. OIL on my face! Breakouts? Greasy? Shockingly, no, it was not the case! I’ve had no breakouts perhaps because coconut oil does possess some natural antibacterial properties. I use Patty’s Organic Coconut Oil, which has zero scent according to my nose!

written by: Kelly

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