Omiana Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Trio Review – Brown

For as long as I can remember, I have always LOVED makeup. When I was little, I just couldn’t wait until I was old enough to start wearing it myself! And when that time came, the real fun began! Not much has changed since then, either. I love it just as much now!

After I’d been wearing makeup for several years, I eventually started switching over to what I considered “nicer” brands, which I thought meant better quality – Makeup Forver, MAC, bareMinerals, etc. In fact, I swore by bareMinerals foundation until a few months ago when Mom and I started learning about what’s really in makeup.

Hint: it’s a lot of stuff that’s really not very good for you! For example, a lot of the bareMinerals eyeshadows contain ferric ammonium ferrocyanide (possible organ system toxicity – low concern) and aluminum powder (potential neurotoxin, possible organ toxicity).  I wanted to find a healthier option! Surely not all makeup is made with these things???

Good news –  there is! We’ve foundan awesome makeup company called OMIANA whose quality, healthier options that have made healthy makeup shopping a lot easier. We’ve reviewed Omiana’s CREAMY MATTE INTENSE COVERAGE FOUNDATION. I decided to go ahead and try their eyeshadow as well!

They have both pressed and loose eyeshadows available. I chose to try a PRESSED MINERAL EYESHADOW Trio because it’s not as messy and easier to travel with. The pressed shadows come in a variety of colors – browns, purples, blues, and a few others! Each trio comes with both light and dark colors, making it a nice “all-in-one” set. All of the shadows seem to have a slight shimmer to them – just enough to be noticeable, but nothing glittery by any means.

I ordered the “Brown” trio and have been using it for a couple of weeks now! The quality is EXCELLENT! As you can see in the picture above, there is an off-white shade, which is great for highlights; a light brown that makes a nice base color; and a dark brown that works well for a smoky eye or eyeliner – or both!

The colors are VERY pigmented, and provide solid coverage that has been wearing all day. I’m looking forward to grabbing a few other colors soon to add to my collection!

Use the promo code “DaintyDroppes” at checkout to save 10% on your OMIANA ORDERS!

Learn more about our thoughts on Omiana (plus more product reviews) by clicking HERE!

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