Silver & Gold Decorations

An important lesson I’ve learned over the years, is to really THINK about what “look” you want to achieve in your home before you start spending. When I first bought my house, I went crazy buying all kinds of decorations, paint, counters, and numerous other things just because I “liked” them. Though I liked the items individually, I sadly came to realization that I did not like the overall “look.”

The same is true with Christmas decorations, I’ve discovered! For my first Christmas, I bought all kinds of decorations and ornaments in red, bright green, and silver. I do like how all those colors look together! And the first year, I liked how they looked in my house. (I think I was just happy to have a house to decorate)

But the next year, when I pulled them out, I wasn’t quite as excited. I went ahead and used them again because I didn’t want to spend the money to replace things. So for this Christmas, I’d been saving so I could buy some new ornaments and decorations!

This time around, I spent A LOT of time of Pinterest searching and pinning ideas and styles that I really liked. By building  a collage of what appealed to me, I was able to look through all my ideas and find repeating elements. Using this technique, It quickly becomes clear what you really do and do not like.

If you would have asked me what color I liked for Christmas, I would have never answered silver and gold! But the pictures I kept pinning said, yes, they were my favorites!. So silver and gold I bought! I found pretty ornaments at Shopko (they had the best selection and prices), and a few decorations at Michael’s and Target.

My home is now decked in silver, gold, and splashes of greenery. After learning that red and green were not for me, I just packed those decorations away. I LOVE the look now! It is so peaceful and relaxing, and compliments our existing neutral palette. Our home looks like my “collage” on Pinterest! I’m happy that their website is so useful!

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