What Are Your Decorating Plans?

Well, Christmas is over! Even though Christmas is my favorite season and time to decorate, when it’s over, our decorations come down quickly, usually the next day. Then it’s time to rethink house decor. I enjoy changing things up, so that means I need a plan!

Since I can’t afford to purchase all new decor to make things look different, I try to reuse things that I have. Placing your existing decorations new locations is great thing to try!

Shopping without a plan lands me with all kinds of pretty things that do not necessarily “fit” in our house. Taking measurements and pictures around your home and storing them on your phone is a helpful shopping tool to ensure items will “fit” when you get them home.

“Phase one” of planning is researching (I know, seems funny). Knowing what I want each room in my house to look like is a must. The internet is FULL of  ideas for every decorating style you can imagine. As you save (or pin!) several photos of rooms that you like, you really get a “feel” for what you like.

I used to skip this step, but I’m learning that it’s well worth the time! I’ve mentioned it before, but just because I like a certain decoration, it may not fit into the overall look/theme that I want for my home. By spending an hour or two looking around, I figure out my “goal”, take inventory of what I already have, and THEN head to the store to shop for any little pieces I may still need.

This way of decorating is proving to be a much better way to decorate, especially when I can recruit Mom for a little extra help!

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