Getaway Today: Disneyland

Planning a trip to Disneyland and California Adventure is always fun and exciting, whether it’s your first time visiting or your fifteenth! When planning, I’m the person who meticulously researches hotels, the best time to visit, pricing, airfare and all the other details. I want our trip to be enjoyable, but as affordable as I can make it, too!

We’ve stayed at different hotels over the years and have visited the parks for different numbers of days, and I’ve always booked our ticket & hotel package through GETAWAY TODAY. I feel like I do a fair amount of research, and they consistently end up being a GREAT deal!

They offer park hopper (Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day) tickets for up to 5 days, and work with lots of different hotels in the Disneyland area, including the Disneyland Resort hotels, themselves! It’s really nice having lots of hotel choices at different price points.

Another advantage of booking through Getaway today is being able to work with a real person instead of trying to figure everything out myself! That relieves a lot of stress for me, and makes the whole planning process so much easier.

Everyone I’ve spoken to at Getaway Today has been incredibly friendly, happy to answer my MANY questions, and has made booking with them a pleasant process. An added bonus: the employees actually visit the hotels that they offer, so they’re able to offer first-hand experiences and information about them!

Getaway Today also has discounted rates on other tickets – Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, the ART System (the resort shuttle that we use), LEGOLAND, Medieval Times, and more! So if you’re making it a whole southern California vacation, it’s convenient to purchase everything at once!

We hope that your Disneyland vacation is magical!

CLICK HERE to read more about Disneyland adventuring!

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