The Truth about Toothpaste

Can we chat a little bit about toothpaste? Because there are some things we’ve learned that we think you’ll appreciate knowing!

What comes to mind when you think of toothpaste? Blue? Mint? Foamy? Though we consider these things to be “normal,” these qualities are often derived from ingredients that have no business in our toothpaste! Really, why does toothpaste need to be blue?

Toothpastes are often loaded with all kinds of unhealthy ingredients that nobody needs to put in their mouth – triclosan, artificial dyes, parabens, carageenan and more. Triclosan is an endocrine-disrupting chemical. Eeeek! (full article:

Now, do I think using blue toothpaste is the end of the world? No. But, I know that for me and my family, that is an easy area to make a swap to something healthier! Because ditching one toxic product at a time is what is going make a difference in the long run. One less yucky thing in your house means one more healthier thing! All the little changes start adding up.

We actually made the switch to Young Living’s TOOTHPASTES about a year ago because, once again, they make it super easy for us to have access to healthy products that actually work!

We use the AROMABRIGHT (my fav) and DENTRANOME PLUS (husband’s choice) which both have a nice, minty flavor! I will admit, they did take a bit of getting used to initially. They aren’t overly sweet, and they don’t foam at all. While that doesn’t seem like that big of deal, it is funny how we come to expect those things! But now that we’ve adjusted to these toothpastes, we love them! I feel like my teeth stay cleaner longer, and have also become a bit brighter. Plus, no yucky chemicals!

Click to learn even more: ESSENTIAL OILS 101 or PREMIUM STARTER KIT


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