Beautycounter Review

Beautycounter is a relatively new company that focuses on makeup, beauty, skin care, etc., whose goal is to offer products without yucky chemicals. You can check out their “NEVER LIST” to see everything that they do not use!

From checking out the link, you can see it is quite a LONG list. Yay! A company that actually cares about what’s in their beauty products!

So, of course, I wanted to give their products a try because we’re all about investing in healthy, quality makeup. This review is based on the company as a whole; specific product reviews will be coming separately!

Unfortunately, it is a bit of a mixed review, but I am hopeful that the “negatives” are things that can and will be improved upon.


  • they care about the quality of their products
  • the “Never List” is AMAZING
  • they are educating people about the importance of avoiding yucky chemicals in their personal care products


  • there isn’t a lot of variety available yet
  • their eye shadow contains talc (not the end of the world, but personally not a fan of this ingredient because it can dry your skin out)
  • limited colors of their eye shadows, lip gloss, etc.
  • no sample/trial sizes are available for any products


  • no exchanges on any products (frustrating when you’re  trying to find your shade(s) since they don’t have samples of foundations, concealers, etc.)
  • no free returns (you pay for shipping both ways)
  • customer service that I dealt with was a bit “cold”

I realize that this isn’t the most glowing review. However, I do think that this company has lots of potential! This review is based on my recent, personal experience. I do look forward to purchasing from them again as their company grows!



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