Driftwood Shores | Florence, Oregon

The Oregon coast is one of my very favorite places to be! No, it’s not always sunny and warm, but it’s ALWAYS beautiful. There’s something about sitting and watching the rolling waves that just brings a person peace.

On our recent trip to the coast, we headed to Florence. As far as I know, Driftwood Shores is Florence’s  only beachfront hotel. Their views are incredible, and every single room faces the ocean plus has a private balcony! Staying beachfront is a must for me any time we go to coast. I mean, the whole point of being there is to enjoy the ocean!

Driftwood Shores is located just north of Florence. You wind down a long road until you reach the beach, and there it sits! There’s no cell service, which is fine because the hotel does have good Wi-Fi.

We stayed in a single queen room, which was just fine for an overnight stay! If we’d been staying longer, we probably would have opted for something with a bit more space.

Our room appeared to have newer carpet and bedding. The bed itself was actually really comfortable! The rest of the room – furniture, decor, bathroom, etc. – were a bit on the dated side. The bathroom wasn’t as clean as I’d prefer, either, but I survived!

The hotel itself is on the older side, but you can tell that they’re slowly working to update. The biggest downside is that the walls are SO THIN; you can hear everything going on all around you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always make for the most peaceful stay.

Overall, we enjoyed our little weekend getaway!

This trip served as a good reminder that it is important to plan little getaways! It’s fun having something to look forward to, and it’s nice to be able to get away and just relax!

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