Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen Review

Concealer is a girl’s best friend sometimes, isn’t it? This pen is the TOUCHUP SKIN CONCEALER PEN by Beautycounter. You can read our full review of the company HERE.

The main reason that I purchased this pen was actually two-fold: concealer + eye shadow primer. My eye shadow primer was one of my unhealthy makeup products that I had not yet replaced because I hadn’t found a worthy replacement. I have some serious creases in my eyelids, so I don’t wear eye shadow without a primer!

After attending a Beautycounter event and learning about their mission of making quality, healthy makeup, I decided to go ahead and purchase a few things. Sadly, they don’t have a primer yet, so this concealer pen was suggested as a good alternative. It does not come in a lot of shades, which is fine because I was just going to be using it as a base.

Let’s talk about the pen itself. I was super excited about the whole “pen” feature, and it really is pretty! But even though it sounds great it theory, I’m really not a huge fan . It’s nice to be able to apply the concealer in an exact spot, but you still have to use your finger or a different brush to blend it. I also like to clean my brushes, which I’d be leery of doing on the pen for fear of ruining the concealer.

As a concealer, it does work pretty well! I feel like it does tend to crease a little, but I’m prone to that anyway. It does provide good coverage.

As an eye shadow primer, it worked okay. It was the first healthy option that I’d tried, so I really didn’t have anything to which to compare. I’d say that when using it as a primer, my eye shadow lasted around 5 – 6 hours – not as long as I would like. I actually ended up to switching to THIS PRIMER which works much better. But I’ll definitely keep using the concealer pen as just a concealer.

Overall, the concealer pen is fine! I think I had my hopes set a little too high, partially due to the cost. The concealer does cover well, but I’m not a fan of the “pen” packaging. Even though I’m not the biggest fan, I know there are lots of other gals who love it!

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