Favorite Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas is my favorite holiday! This whole holiday season is one of my very favorite times of year! There’s just so much fun stuff that’s going on – music, decorations, trees, parties, family get togethers, picking out gifts, and so much more!

As a child, we had a cute little advent calendar that hung on our hallway closet door, just below our stairs. There was a little yellow star that moved to a new pocket/date each day. My brother and I each got to move it every other day (this avoided racing down the stairs to beat the other!). Of course, as we got older, we realized that YOU wanted to be the one to move the star to its final pocket – Christmas Eve. Fortunately, our mom has a good memory and would remember whose “year” it was. These are the kinds of Christmas memories that I love! And I love that my mom still has the same little calendar hanging in her dining room.

My brother and I may not live at home anymore, but Mom and I are still able to do an advent calendar “together.” Thanks, technology! The past several years, we have been faithful to this Jacquie Lawson advent calendar, which you do on the computer. We each do the activity for the day, and then usually end up talking about it at some point – a new tradition if you will. We usually discuss important things like, “Which ribbon did you use on your Christmas tree?!”

It may be one of the cutest Christmas things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of cure Christmas things! I definitely look forward to it every year. Each year, it takes place in a darling little town! This year’s is set in the Swiss Alps! It’s official description reads,”This year we’re taking you on a trip to a pretty village in the Swiss Alps. Energetic days on the ski slopes, delicious lunches in bustling cafés, and a cosy chalet on a snowy hillside to welcome you at night. Twenty-five days of Christmassy games, puzzles and our classic animated stories, with beautiful artwork and music and a host of hidden surprises. Compatible with PC, Mac and iPad.”

The fully interactive town is always beautifully decorated, and comes to life a little bit more each day! (Did I mention it also has pretty Christmas music playing in the background?) There are fun games and activities you can do before December even begins. But come December 1, that’s when the real fun starts!

Each day, a new ornament lights up. Give it a click, and off you go on that day’s adventure! Sometimes it’s a game. Sometimes it’s a little show. Sometimes you get to decorate something. (I’d share more, but don’t want to give anything away!) I look forward to the surprise each day! They’re all just SO. CUTE.

All this to say, if you’re looking for something fun to add to your holiday season, I can’t recommend this little calendar enough. It’s just adorable. Think puppies and kittens running around adorable. You can also send it to family and friends, which I think is a fun little gift. It’s actually gifted to me and my coworkers each year by our boss – so fun!

I hope you have a most wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas!

Click here to go to the Jacquie Lawson advent calendar webpage.

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