Disneyland Area Hotels Review

IMG_2522Disneyland and California Adventure seem to have turned into an annual trip for me and my husband! We love it so much and always have the BEST time, so we just keep going back!

On our last three trips, we have stayed at three different hotels, so I thought I’d share a bit about them! I think my hardest decision for each trip is deciding where we stay. So let’s dive into the three that I’ve chosen in the past.


There are two Springhill Suites properties in the Disneyland Resort area. This is the one to the northwest of the parks on West Ball Road, not the one at the convention center.

This hotel is quite new and absolutely beautiful! Our room was HUGE. It was divided into two sections: one part with our king-size bed and the other with a desk and large sofa. The whole thing was so spacious (including the bathroom) and super comfortable.

Each morning, there was a large, hot buffet-style breakfast – potatoes, meat, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, etc. We were always so full each morning before we left for the parks, which was nice.

What I didn’t love about this hotel was its location. If you look on Google maps, you’ll see that’s a little bit off the beaten path. It’s not super close to other hotels and there weren’t any food options nearby other than a gas station.

We used the ART to get to and from the parks, as it was a bit farther than we wanted to walk.

Overall, this was a very nice hotel, and I imagine it would be a fantastic option for families! The location is a bit farther away than we personally prefer, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work just fine for others. It just depends on what works best for you and your family!


The ALO hotel is located around 4 miles from Disneyland; it’s actually in Orange, not Anaheim. It is consistently much cheaper (like several hundred dollars) than other hotels closer to the park, which is why we chose it. We were willing to give it a try to save some money on this particular trip!

To be honest, I was fairly disappointed with the whole experience here. The hotel was just too far away from the parks. We didn’t have a car, so we used the ART system for transportation. It took around 15 minutes to get to the parks, which was fine. But getting back to the hotel took closer to 30 or 40 minutes. This ART route had SO MANY more stops than other routes, which is why it took so long. All of that time was a bit much for us; we would have liked to go back to the hotel for an afternoon break, but it just would have taken too much time out of the day.

The hotel itself was fine! It was a bit older, but everything was clean, which I always appreciate. This hotel also offered a hot buffet-style breakfast, which is a biggie for us! The food was good, but the breakfast room was a bit odd, almost like it was an afterthought. It seemed like an old storage room that had been fixed up; it was attached to the hotel’s restaurant, which was used for breakfast seating. It wasn’t really bad, just odd.

Overall, the ALO hotel was fine. The price was great, and if we had a car and could drive to the parks ourselves, I may consider staying there again. But honestly, I would suggest finding something closer.


I chose this hotel because of it’s location! It’s almost right across the street from Disneyland and is only about a 7-minute walk to the gates! It was SO NICE to be able to walk back and forth at our convenience. And because this is such a busy area full of hotels and guests, it always felt safe. This hotel quickly became my favorite of the three we’ve stayed at!

The hotel itself was the most “average” of the three, which was completely fine with us since we were mainly there to sleep. The rooms were on the smaller side, but they were clean! This hotel also has a hot buffet breakfast. There was plenty to choose from each morning, including meats, potatoes, eggs, fruit, pastries, etc. You can also sit out on the balcony, which faces Harbor Boulevard, and watch everyone heading for Disneyland!

Overall this was my favorite hotel that we’ve stayed at, and I would definitely stay here again. We stayed in a recently remodeled room, which was nice, and they were working on finishing up the rest of the rooms while we were there.

The Best Western was the most expensive of the three (a little more than Springhill), but you are paying for the convenience of staying across the street. In my opinion, it was worth every penny! It was easy to hop back over in the afternoons for a power nap, and then head back to the parks for more fun! There are also LOTS of food options nearby – sit down restaurants, ice cream shops, a taco shop, and a pizza place!


Well, there’s what I have to share with you! Each hotel we’ve stayed at has been quite different.

What I’ve learned is that location has become our top priority. Being able to quickly walk to and from the parks is so convenient for us. It also helps us get to the parks super early and be first in line!

But maybe having a larger room is more important for you and your family. Or saving some money by staying a bit farther away. Do some thinking and research and pick what works best for YOU!

And remember, your hotel is just your base camp. Hopefully you’ll be spending most of your time at Disneyland, California Adventure, or Downtown Disney!

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