A Must See: Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

IMG_2592My favorite flower is a toss-up between a tulip and a hydrangea. Fortunately, they grow during different seasons, so I get to enjoy them both for quite a while!

Even though I was born and raised in Oregon, I feel like there are so many things that I’ve waited too long to go see and do. One of those is the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn! I’d heard about it for so long, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally made it up there.

It is SO BEAUTIFUL. We’ve gone up every spring since we first visited. You drive out into the countryside, and all of a sudden there are 40 ACRES of tulips of all different shapes, sizes, and color. And if you’re lucky (and early enough), there might even be hot air balloons taking off. So pretty and fun!

Of course, the highlight of the festival is the tulips; I’m sharing some of my photos (I have lots) but they don’t come anywhere close to doing their beauty justice. It’s a must-see in person. You get to stroll through the fields to see all of the different kinds – the different styles and colors are stunning.

I wander for hours just looking! And, of course, the same tulips will be available for sale, so keep an eye out for your favorites! You will find catalogs filled with all kinds of information, as well as a special section in the field of ALL the tulips complete with labels for easy identification.


But if you can’t wait for the next spring to have tulips of your own, there are pretty potted tulips and cut tulips for sale – all ready to take home with you! I always leave with several bouquets (they’re so fresh so they last a LONG time) and usually a pot or two of flowers. How do you say no to such pretty flowers?!

In addition to the flowers, there are lots of other activities available at the festival, too. You could easily spend a half a day here. There’s a variety of food vendors (including elephant ears!), games and activities for kids, a cow train ride, folks making wooden shoes, wine tasting, and arts and craft vendors. There’s really something for everyone!


Like I said, I look forward to visiting Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest every spring. If you haven’t been, pick a day and put in on your calendar! You can check their website or Facebook page to keep up with the current field conditions. You definitely want to go when everything is in full bloom! Or at least close.

I do want to throw out two suggestions if you decide to visit. If you are going on a weekend, GET THERE EARLY. I cannot emphasize this enough. Last year, we got there about 30 minutes after opening, and it was already busy and there was a small line to get in. We spent a few hours exploring before heading back home.

I kid you not, as we left, there were LITERALLY MILES of cars lined up and down the highway to get into the festival. I can’t imagine how long they had to wait to get in. You don’t want to be in that line! hehe


My second tip is to bring shoes that you don’t care about getting dirty, and bring an extra pair to change into later. The fields were pretty muddy on our last visit, and our shoes were filthy by the time we got done. But we just changed them when we got back to our car!

Below is a slideshow of more photos I’ve collected over the years! It’s all so pretty! If you decide to visit, you will LOVE it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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