What Are Your Decorating Plans?

Well, Christmas is over! Even though Christmas is my favorite season and time to decorate, when it’s over, our decorations come down quickly, usually the next day. Then it’s time to rethink house decor. I enjoy changing things up, so that means I need a plan!

Since I can’t afford to purchase all new decor to make things look different, I try to reuse things that I have. Placing your existing decorations new locations is great thing to try!

Shopping without a plan lands me with all kinds of pretty things that do not necessarily “fit” in our house. Taking measurements and pictures around your home and storing them on your phone is a helpful shopping tool to ensure items will “fit” when you get them home.

“Phase one” of planning is researching (I know, seems funny). Knowing what I want each room Continue reading

Silver & Gold Decorations

An important lesson I’ve learned over the years, is to really THINK about what “look” you want to achieve in your home before you start spending. When I first bought my house, I went crazy buying all kinds of decorations, paint, counters, and numerous other things just because I “liked” them. Though I liked the items individually, I sadly came to realization that I did not like the overall “look.”

The same is true with Christmas decorations, I’ve discovered! For my first Christmas, I bought all kinds of decorations and ornaments in red, bright green, and silver. I do like how all those colors look together! And the first year, I liked how they looked in my house. (I think I was just happy to have a house to decorate)

But the next year, when I pulled them out, Continue reading

Festive Christmas Lanterns


Decorating your home for Christmas?

Since it can be a costly time of year, I appreciate economical decorating ideas. Inspired by what we saw on Pinterest, an inexpensive way to add a dash of Christmas to your home is to simply add a ribbon and/or greens to your year-round items. Attaching a pretty ribbon and a touch of greens to these lanterns does the trick!

Though I prefer real greenery, that is not always possible. I love some of the “convincing” greenery out Continue reading