DIY Room Spray

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that we all like our homes to smell good, which is great! What isn’t so great are the products that are readily available to make that happen! Febreeze sprays, Glade plug ins, etc., are all over the grocery stores, and come in all kinds of fun scents. However, the ingredients that these products contain give us reason for concern.

I researched Febreeze spray on the THINK DIRTY APP, and it ranked at a 9 (10 being the worst) mainly due to its fragrance. Did you know that the term fragrance can be a HUGE combination of all kinds of different chemicals?! Eeeek, no thank you! I also researched Febreeze on EWG (CLICK HERE for article) and it scored an “F” Continue reading

The Truth about Toothpaste

Can we chat a little bit about toothpaste? Because there are some things we’ve learned that we think you’ll appreciate knowing!

What comes to mind when you think of toothpaste? Blue? Mint? Foamy? Though we consider these things to be “normal,” these qualities are often derived from ingredients that have no business in our toothpaste! Really, why does toothpaste need to be blue?

Toothpastes are often loaded with all kinds of unhealthy ingredients that nobody needs to put in their mouth – triclosan, artificial dyes, parabens, carageenan and more. Triclosan is an endocrine-disrupting chemical. Eeeek! (full article:

Now, do I think using blue toothpaste is the end of the world? No. But, I know Continue reading

Thieves Household Cleaner: A Better Way to Clean

Can we start this post off with a challenge?! I challenge you to go to three of your cabinets, and take a look at the label/ingredient lists on your cleaning supplies. Do you know what’s in them? Do you like what you see? If the answer is no, read on!

Have you ever taken a look at the back of a Lysol wipe container? It actually says that it’s hazardous to humans and domestic animals. You’re even supposed to wash your hands after using them. Wait! What? I thought this was a cleaning product! I used Lysol wipes for years, never thinking a thing of it. After learning this, though, it was time for a change.

I went through all of our cabinets and threw away every single “cleaning” product we had. One of the best decisions I made. And honestly, it made our cleaning routine a whole lot easier!

We use Continue reading

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

This is such a fun, easy product that you can make for your home!

I love that it can be easily customized because I like my soaps to match the season! I was a little stressed (ok, a lot stressed) about getting rid of my Bath & Body works products, so I’m glad to have found a much healthier substitute.

This is a recipe that I thought you all might like! I made this last week and am loving it! It’s super easy and goes a long way.

And with the FDA’s recent ANNOUNCEMENT that antibacterial soap is no better than regular old soap and water. An excerpt from the article reads:

“Antibacterial soaps (sometimes called antimicrobial or antiseptic soaps) contain certain chemicals not found in plain soaps. Those ingredients are added to many consumer products with the intent of reducing or preventing bacterial infection. Many liquid soaps labeled Continue reading

Why I Switched Laundry Detergents

Oh, laundry. Such an exciting topic, right?! Stick with me, here!

Since earlier this year, it’s been my goal to start replacing unhealthy, toxic-filled products in our home with something better. We’ve changed shampoos, hand soaps, air fresheners, cleaners, and more. Somehow my laundry detergent never made it onto my list; who knows why!

Well, after I started looking into the quality of standard laundry soaps, I decided it was time for a change. These products often contain fragrance, ethylene oxide, quaternium-15, diethanolamine, nonlphenol ethoxylate or NPE, linear alkyl benzene sulfonates or LAS, petroleum distillates, naphthotriazolystilbenes (and a bunch of other nasty stuff that has been banned in other countries for years).

Why would I want this stuff on my skin literally all day – from Continue reading

DIY Lemon Soft Scrub

This has been one of the easiest ways for us to get rid of more toxic cleaning chemicals in our home! I use it to clean my counters, kitchen sink, tub/shower, toilet, etc. It makes everything so bright and pretty again!

You’ll be quite happy that something so simple works so well! Even my husband, who was hesitant to try it, is more than willing to whip up a little batch when needed.

Just plain old baking soda works pretty well as a gentle abrasive. But the Lemon essential oil definitely kicks it up a notch!

What you need: Continue reading