Most of my life, I never liked ANYTHING lavender-scented. In fact, I disliked it. I was honestly a little disappointed that it came in my STARTER KIT. “I’m never going to use this,” I thought to myself and I actually didn’t for awhile.

However, on our Facebook group, all the gals kept talking about how wonderful it was, how many uses it had, etc! Time to give it a try myself. So, I popped it into Continue reading

Stress Away

Stress Away is one of the very first oils that I fell in love with from my PREMIUM STARTER KIT! I was trying to get away from all my Bath and Body Works candles, lotions, and shower gels, and was just missing the vanilla scent they had!

As soon as I opened my new little bottle of Stress Away, I was THRILLED! It had vanilla in it! Stress Away’s vanilla scent is from actual vanilla essential oil, not a synthetic fragrance. From the first sniff,  I’ve been a huge fan!

Stress Away is a blend of Copaiba, Lime, Continue reading


Tranquil means to be “free from disturbance; calm.”

This is definitely an area in which I struggle. My extremely Type A personality often gets the best of me, rarely allowing my mind to take a break! My mind doesn’t transition very easily to rest because I am always preoccupied with thoughts, planning,  work, etc. Does anyone else have a mind that operates this way?!

Though a busy mind does work to my advantage much of the time, sometimes it can be a detriment. An overactive mind keeps me awake at night, often making it difficult to fall asleep.

Enter Tranquil. I just Continue reading

Peppermint Essential Oil

PEPPERMINT and PEPPERMINT VITALITY are hands down my FAVORITE essential oils! As soon as I pulled Peppermint out of my PREMIUM STARTER KIT, I was hooked! I’ve always been a fan of anything minty, so it really wasn’t to much of a surprise that I loved it.

What was a surprise, though, was its versatility! There’s a reason it comes in your starter kit, folks. So let’s chat about why it’s so awesome and some of the different ways you can use it! Continue reading

Everybody Needs a Little Christmas Spirit!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s probably no secret that we absolutely love the Christmas season! Why? The treats. The smells. The decorations. And that’s just to name a few!

You already know how much we love the Young Living’s PREMIUM STARTER KIT and this month, they’re adding a FREE gift to it for new members – Christmas Spirit! It’s a MUST HAVE for any oil collection.

Smelling Christmas Spirit evokes that comforting holiday feeling – cozy, warm, and inviting! Fun fact: Your sense of smell can release emotions and improve your mood! And as strange as it may sound, this essential oil blend does Continue reading