Stress Away

Stress Away is one of the very first oils that I fell in love with from my PREMIUM STARTER KIT! I was trying to get away from all my Bath and Body Works candles, lotions, and shower gels, and was just missing the vanilla scent they had!

As soon as I opened my new little bottle of Stress Away, I was THRILLED! It had vanilla in it! Stress Away’s vanilla scent is from actual vanilla essential oil, not a synthetic fragrance. From the first sniff,  I’ve been a huge fan!

Stress Away is a blend of Copaiba, Lime, Continue reading

The Truth about Toothpaste

Can we chat a little bit about toothpaste? Because there are some things we’ve learned that we think you’ll appreciate knowing!

What comes to mind when you think of toothpaste? Blue? Mint? Foamy? Though we consider these things to be “normal,” these qualities are often derived from ingredients that have no business in our toothpaste! Really, why does toothpaste need to be blue?

Toothpastes are often loaded with all kinds of unhealthy ingredients that nobody needs to put in their mouth – triclosan, artificial dyes, parabens, carageenan and more. Triclosan is an endocrine-disrupting chemical. Eeeek! (full article:

Now, do I think using blue toothpaste is the end of the world? No. But, I know Continue reading

Omiana Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Trio Review – Brown

For as long as I can remember, I have always LOVED makeup. When I was little, I just couldn’t wait until I was old enough to start wearing it myself! And when that time came, the real fun began! Not much has changed since then, either. I love it just as much now!

After I’d been wearing makeup for several years, I eventually started switching over to what I considered “nicer” brands, which I thought meant better quality – Makeup Forver, MAC, bareMinerals, etc. In fact, I swore by bareMinerals foundation until a few months ago when Mom and I started learning about what’s really in makeup.

Hint: it’s a lot of stuff that’s really not very good for you! For example, a lot of the bareMinerals eyeshadows contain ferric ammonium ferrocyanide (possible organ system toxicity – low concern) and aluminum powder (potential neurotoxin, possible organ toxicity).  I wanted to find a healthier option! Surely not all makeup is made with these things???

Good news –  there is! We’ve found Continue reading

Honeybee Gardens Eyeshadow Review

I have been trying to swap my makeup for healthier options and have found Honeybee Gardens’ pressed eyeshadow to be a really great replacement! They are available individually or they do sell them in palettes of four. The picture above is a palette that I just put together myself!

I used to wear mainly Urban Decay and Tarte shadows and since discovered they contain talc and PTFE. Both of these ingredients are potential carcinogens, therefore I’m so glad to find healthy versions of makeup that actually WORK! As far as wearability, I feel Honeybee’s wear just Continue reading

Omiana Foundation Review

This is a review for OMIANA’S CREAMY MATTE INTENSE COVERAGE FOUNDATION! I explained my decision to switch makeup in our earlier post “What’s In Your Foudnation?”

I’ve intentionally waited a few weeks to post this review to ensure I had ample time to use and really experience the product. For me, foundations will initially work, but after some time goes by, I often have breakouts. I’m happy to say that has not been the case with this foundation!

I absolutely LOVE this foundation! The coverage is extremely good and its creamy consistency is not greasy. It is definitely one of the best-covering foundations I have used. My daughter tried it as well, and was EXTREMELY impressed by the coverage.

Not to sound cliche, but a small amount truly does go a long way. Creamy matte intense coverage foundation is the perfect name! This container is quite large and looks as though it will last for months and months. Continue reading

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

This is such a fun, easy product that you can make for your home!

I love that it can be easily customized because I like my soaps to match the season! I was a little stressed (ok, a lot stressed) about getting rid of my Bath & Body works products, so I’m glad to have found a much healthier substitute.

This is a recipe that I thought you all might like! I made this last week and am loving it! It’s super easy and goes a long way.

And with the FDA’s recent ANNOUNCEMENT that antibacterial soap is no better than regular old soap and water. An excerpt from the article reads:

“Antibacterial soaps (sometimes called antimicrobial or antiseptic soaps) contain certain chemicals not found in plain soaps. Those ingredients are added to many consumer products with the intent of reducing or preventing bacterial infection. Many liquid soaps labeled Continue reading

Think Dirty to Think Clean

Do you know how many toxins, yucky chemicals, and artificial fragrances are in our beauty and personal care products? Items we use on a daily basis, from head to toe! What are they exactly? How are they harming us? What do they do to my body?

We were becoming so overwhelmed just trying to read labels as we had no idea what most ingredients were. Tocopherols? Eww…oh, wait, those are simply a family of vitamin E compounds. What about benzophenone? Ugh, it is toxic, linked to cancer, and can cause endocrine disruption, etc.!

Help!!!! Right? Well, here is the tool we have been using which Continue reading